Thursday, 23 July 2015

About Turn!

Friday 24th July
Yesterday morning we were away just before 7am, we wanted to get back to Shardlow as we thought the car would be ready today. We quietly slipped passed Roosters Rest as didn't want to disturb Pam & Terry!
Shush all asleep on there!
A pleasant morning to cruise and by the time we were at Dallow lock there was a boat ahead of us and one behind! The repair to Dallow lock is apparently a temporary one so it will probably be in the winter stoppages at some point. Kev rang the repair centre at 9am to see if the car would still be ready for today but the man said he was going into a meeting so we had to ring back at 11.30 am. When we were getting close to the entrance for Mercia marina we spotted a familiar boat...
Granny Buttons
No sign of Andy Denny on board. When Kev rang back about the car he was told that unfortunately the car would not be ready until next Tuesday! Bugger!! That meant we would be in our marina for a few days, but the problem was that we were hoping to get home for Jaz to have her second vaccination and so we needed to find a vet close by. We went down through Stenson lock and managed to share it with another boat, which turned out to be the same boat that had kindly moved up a little at Alrewas  to let us get moored! We decided to stop at the Ragley boat stop moorings as we have fancied stopping here before, so we went into the pub for a pint. It is quite a big pub and they are friendly we asked if we were ok to stay overnight and they said no problem and if we needed electric we could buy a card for the meter. We declined the electric as our solar panels are working lovely! When we got back on the boat we looked on the internet for vets and saw that there was one in Willington. Kev rang them up and we booked Jaz in for Monday morning at 9.30am, so we are going to turn around and head back to Willington for the weekend.


  1. Nice to have met you. Enjoy the rest of the summer, Lynn, Eric and Kirkham ( the cat ) Narrowboat Stanley