Friday, 14 March 2014

Down the hatch again!

Friday 14th March

We moved a short distance yesterday from Wolseley  Bridge and moored near Shugbrough Hall, the fog was lifting slowly.

Kev went back down the weed hatch yet again to find....

Kev has been down the weed hatch this trip more than in all the time we had 4EverMoore!
Just unlucky I expect.
Once he had cleared the weed hatch he managed to wash the other side of the boat.

We took Buster for a walk to the junction of the Staffs & Worcester canal and there were quite a few Anglo Welsh hire boats as usual & they are all ready for customers!! We then walked back to the boat & the sun was out so we sat in the cratch with a lovely cold beer. There had been a steady flow of boats about yesterday & is nice to see people on the move.


  1. Hi Ann, you should visit the farm shop whilst you’re there ... their meat pies are fantastic and if you ask they’ll sell you a frozen uncooked one for the freezer ... scrumptious!!

  2. Aghhh! Missed you. I was sure you would be right there today. Not seeing you I thought you might have gone to Tixall Wide for the weekend.. Not there!

    Anyway we were going to stop by and wish you will with your new boat and happy cruising, so I will just have to say so on your blog..

    Another day.......

  3. Hi Sue, we had a walk last night to see if you were moored near the junction (Staffs & Worcester) but obviously you were well gone!! Catch you another time

  4. Hi Ann, I follow this - - nb Holderness - we met them last year on the L&L. They also live in Hull but I’m really sorry I can’t for the life of me remember their names at the moment! Missing the boat?

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