Saturday, 8 March 2014

No locks today

Saturday 8th March
We were shattered yesterday after we had our tea & showers we just slumped down on the settee & never made it to the pub! (very odd for us lol) But we had a good nights sleep and were looking forward to no locks whatsoever today. We set off from our mooring at 8.20am and I must say it was quite cool and it was raining & miserable but were weren't miserable!! As we were leaving we had 2 passengers on the roof.

We passed this lovely place "Who lives in a home like this"

We had the canal to ourselves for a while until we were close to Hopwood where a boat passed us and we smiled & said good morning to the man at the tiller and he never cracked his face or acknowledge we were even there (what a miserable *** unlike us) Thank goodness most boaters are friendly & happy in their lives eh. We had a few more boats pass us & quite happy to say good morning, anyway as we got to bridge 80 we moored up so we could pop to the Sainsbury's which was only a short walk to top up with provisions.
Once we returned & Buster had a brief walk we had a bite to eat and carried on to Birmingham Gas street Basin
Cadbury's could be my favourite place! Well I am a chocoholic (no stopping though)

It seemed to take a long time to pass the university as it is vast!
Just approaching the sharp left turn into Gas Street Basin

plenty of people about

Our mooring

We were moored up about 2.30pm, we went for a walk around and went into a pub called The Malt House and won't go there ever again! We went to the bar and there was one person serving a customer to our left and another serving a customer to our right,then the barman finished serving the customer at the left of us and said to us there was a queue system on our right and Kev said we were already there and there was no queue or even a sign to say to queue anywhere & he wouldn't serve us unless we went and queued behind some people that had turned up after us! We walked out and we have never encountered such rudeness in a pub before we will never go there again they also lost the food sale as we were going to eat there too!! We went to a couple of other pubs then went to a place called Red Peppers where we had lovely food, and after woods went back to the boat but will be going out later tonight for a few beers, there is a really nice atmosphere here.

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