Monday, 8 June 2015

A trip with friends

Monday 8th June
On Friday morning we left home early and headed off to Shardlow for the weekend, it was strange not having Buster with us and when we arrived at the boat I had a little weep as his bed was still there  and the space where he slept looked strange without him sitting there! My friend has had a picture drawn of him for my birthday and it is lovely.
Nigel was at his boat which is moored next to us, he had Maisie his little cross terrier think she is Patterdale x Border Terrier but may be wrong! We sat outside as it was sunny and warm so I sat and hand stripped Maisie but as I didn't have my grooming box I didn't have any scissors to do her head and had to just do her by hand, although she may not look great she looked better than she had beforehand!
Maisie sat on R&R
Later in the afternoon we moved R&R out of the marina onto the canal and moored facing towards the River Trent as we would be heading to Nottingham on Saturday. Our friends  Gail & Brian were coming to go with us so on Saturday morning so we walked to meet them at the Navigation Inn. they arrived about 11.30 am and I got in their car to show them where the marina was and Kev, Nigel & Maisie walked back on the towpath and once we were all aboard and sorted Gail stayed on board with me while the three men went to get the lock ready. As I was approaching the lock I turned back to see a hire boat coming so I went into the lock and waited for them to share the lock with us.

We had a nice trip to Nottingham although it was breezy it was sunny, and once we were there we got moored and went for a walk for a couple of beers, we went into Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub and then we were all getting a bit hungry and so we found a nice Indian restaurant called The Cumin and we all had good meals and I would definately go back there! 
Sunday morning was sunny and the wind had dropped although in the shade it was quite cool, everybody was up and about and Gail & Brian went for a walk and took Maisie with them. Once we were all back on board we left our mooring and headed back to Shardlow.
Brian, Nigel & Kev pulling a funny face?
Heading back on the river Trent
Brian concentrating on the tiller!

Gail on the tiller!

We stopped at Trent Lock and moored on the pontoon then went to The Steam Packet for a nice cold beer, there were lots of people about making the most of the good weather.
It had been a lovely couple of days with friends and we look forward to more trips with friends in the future. When we arrived back to the marina Gail & Brian left and headed home also Nigel & Maisie a left for their home too! Kev got the chairs out and we sat with a lovely cold beer each enjoying the sun while it was still shining. Cheers!!
We woke up this morning to another quite nice day, after getting a few jobs sorted we packed the car and set off home.
We will be back on board in a couple of weeks, Sam will be heading to see his mum in Majorca and is flying from East Midlands airport so he will stay overnight on R&R and we will pop him to the airport then we will be heading off for about 6 weeks but we have to come home in August as there is a wedding to attend

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