Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Finally on the move

Wednesday 24th June

Well finally we were on the move yesterday! Leaving our marina just after 8am and had an uneventful cruise but a pleasant one, although it was strange not having Buster with us. When we arrived at Stenson lock there were 2 volunteer lockies working the lock so we were both able to stay on board R&R so that was easy. When we got to Willington we moored on the visitor moorings about 1pm and stayed the night there. It had been one of the best days weatherise and there were lots of people about all enjoying the sunshine.
We were up early as usual  This morning and what another glorious morning, and about time too as so far the summer seems to have been in hiding! Leaving Willington at just after 7.30am it was lovely and peaceful and with no other idiots apart from us on the move we had the canal to ourselves for quite a while!  When we were approaching Dallow lock in Burton Upon Trent we noticed that  the bridge had been damaged but not by any boats but above where the road is it looked like a vehicle had crashed into it and there were a few bricks missing so below it where the lock is there is temporary fencing around it. Now at this point I have to say we did take photos of this, along with several more along the way today but when I came to do this blog entry I went to the camera to take the memory card out only to find it was missing from the camera!! Well nothing much to miss really, anyway it has been a lovely warm and sunny day and we were hoping to moor in Alrewas but found it quite full, so we carried on through Bagnall lock  and moored  not far from Common Lock. We decided that finally the weather was good enough to get the BBQ out which is a first this year!
It has been lovely to be travelling at a slower pace than on the journey we had on Sunday, where there are few less lorries about!!

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