Monday, 27 June 2016

3 boats moored at Dorney.

Monday 27th June
Today we were expecting Sue & Vic on Wb No Problem XL to join us at the moorings at Dorney,
Carol sent me a text to say that Sue had let her know they were getting water in Windsor and then they were coming up Boveney lock. I decided to walk back to the lock to wait for them coming to get a few photos. While I was waiting I took a couple of photos of trip boat Southern Comfort attempting to enter the lock, I say attempting because he hit the wall twice trying to enter the lock!

At the lock there is an interesting bit of information about Boveney lock...
I had a quick read of it and then just after another trip boat was leaving the lock....
Here comes No Problem XL

Sue is at the wheel with Vic at the bow
Sue made a perfect entry to the lock unlike Southern Comfort!
Nearly in.

I went to the bow and took the rope from Vic and put it on a bollard and then took the stern rope from Sue and did the same for her. Once the lock was full and the gates opened I managed to get aboard and got a lift back to Dorney, where Kev & George were waiting to get the bow & stern ropes from NPXL and managed to get her tied up.

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