Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A lovely weekend & a trip on a ferry

Tuesday 7th June
We have had a lovely weekend moored at the visitor moorings at Hampton Court, the weather has been glorious, as it should be by now! There were also 2 other boats that also have bloggers on board moored there too, Nb Inca with Caroline & Gary and Nb Oakapple with Richard & Sharon. George & Carol invited all of us to go aboard Nb Still Rockin on Saturday evening and it was a really nice evening with of course a few glasses of wine too!
Sunday was a beautiful day so we didn't venture anywhere but Kev got the sun loungers off the boat and we sat in the sun most of the day.
Yesterday morning Nb Oakapple & Nb Inca were leaving about 8am, but we didn't leave until 8.50 am.
Sharon, Richard, Gary, Carolyn and of course Hamish!

Passing Hampton Court as we were leaving
Hampton Court Bridge

The Magna Carta Hotel boat moored Molesey Lock.
As we got up through the lock we were desperate to fill with water, there was a boat moored on the water point and the Lockie had gone to knock on the door of the boat to ask them to move so we could get on the water point but nobody answered! There was also a boat moored behind him so we passed by and turned further along the river and came back to the water point where we managed to get the water hose to reach the boat and then Kev went to empty the cassettes. The lockie did take a photo of the boat and while our tank was filling the man from the boat appeared and then prepared to leave, he wasn't very happy and left the water point very fast he banged his stern hard as he left! Meanwhile Nb Still Rockin was coming up in the lock and so the other boat that had been moored behind the boat at the water point moved up to us so Still Rockin could get alongside to wait for water too. Once we were full we reversed back along the river and turned around while George & carol filled with water etc we took a slow cruise heading towards Shepperton.

Passing some houseboats, there are plenty of these!
This is the Houseboat Kev was really interested to see!

Pink Floyds recording studio!

A large vessel being towed
With another small boat at the back!
Not far from Sunbury lock

When we getting close to Sunbury lock the lock keeper opened the gates ready for us to go straight in, as we looked behind us Nb Still Rockin was coming and once we were inside the lock they followed and then another boat joined us in the lock.

Leaving Sunbury lock

Following Nb Still Rockin
When we got to Weybridge we moored behind Nb Still Rockin passed the ferry landing. there is a small ferry here that takes you across the river to Shepperton. You just ring a bell and the man comes over for you £3 each return! Carol & I had a walk to the shops in Weybridge for a few bits and then later on we all got on the little ferry across to Nauticalia so George could take a gas bottle for a refill. We had a browse around the shop and then had a walk to the Thames Court Pub for a nice cold drink where we sat outside. We went back to Nauticalia and picked up the new gas bottle and George got the price of the ferry taken off the price of the gas!

Enjoying our cold drinks!

Looking out from our Moorings close to the Ferry landing at Weybridge

Looking across at our 2 boats moored across the river.

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