Sunday, 12 June 2016

Moored at Windsor

Sunday 12th June

I haven't done any blogging for several days as our data was running out, we seemed to have used a lot lately but I am thinking that Sam had been on my iPad and used some data when he was aboard although he wouldn't admit it! So most of this post will be mainly of photos we have taken during the week.  On Tuesday morning we didn't move far and only went up Shepperton Lock and moored close to the Thames Court Pub, & we went for a meal with George & Carol in the evening.
Following Still Rockin to Shepperton lock

This is an American couple from Virginia we had met, they were ready to leave.

Molly having a mooch around after we were all moored.
On Wednesday morning before we left it started to rain and so we didn't expect to move but then the rain eased and so we had another short cruise to the moorings at Chertsey Meads and stayed there until Thursday Morning. We had a nice cruise following Still Rockin and we moored at Runnymede on the National Trust moorings, it was a lovely sunny day so we all got out the sun loungers and then we got out the wine and nibbles! On Friday morning we set off & had a good cruise to Windsor where we are moored at Baths Island. Below are some photos of our cruising....
Chertsey Bridge
 Filling with water at Chertsey lock

Carol holding the bow rope as we go up the lock
This is where the Magna Carta was signed 
 Who's this overtaking us?

Its Still Rockin of course!

Strange looking houseboat

 A small, pretty thatched house

Spot the Polar Bear!
 A strange way to moor a boat!

A property on the Windsor estate 
 Our first sight of Windsor Castle

 There was a swimmer as we were leaving Romney lock
 A bit narrow here

 Approaching Windsor Bridge

Nb Inca & Nb OakApple moored but nobody home!

Windsor is really lovely and is very busy with plenty of tourists from all over the world. We did a bit of our own tourist fix and on Saturday, Kev & I went to have a look around the castle. We couldn't go into the chapel inside the castle grounds as there were preparations being made for the order of the garter event so the chapel was closed to visitors. The rest of it was really good although we weren't allowed to take photos in the apartments.

Good views with the river Thames below
There is a Triathlon taking place today, swimming for a mile, cycling for 40km around Windsor and running but don't know how far that is. 

This marker buoy was put out at 3.30am this morning! So this is the view at 5am!

The swimmers left in groups at intervals 

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