Wednesday, 9 May 2018

A nice quiet mooring

Wednesday 9th May
Yesterday morning I had a walk to the shop for a few bits while Kev backed the boat back through into the basin to empty the cassette & get rid of the rubbish at the services and by the time he was finished I was back and he pulled across the basin where I was able to get on board but Kev got Jaz off and after pushing the bow off for me he walked along the towpath with me following on the boat. I must admit I didn't expect to see so many large homes along this stretch leaving Market Harborough although a woman had told Kev it is called millionaires row! After about a mile I put the bow into the towpath side so Kev & Jaz could get back on board. It was another lovely day as we cruised back towards Foxton. The only other stop we had was the swing bridge.

When we got to Foxton Locks, I went up to see the lockie to tell him we were wanting to go up the locks and luckily he said we could go in the bottom lock and follow the boat that was just in the second lock going up.
When we were at the top of the locks we moored on the 48hour moorings close to bridge 60. We had a walk back to the top lock cafe and sat and had a cornet.
The cafe has been having a face lift.
Looking down Foxton Locks.
Love this sculpture.
We were moored close to the above sculpture and Jaz was scared of it, she is scared of horses and I think she thought it was real and I had to pull her past it!
This morning was a bit cooler but still sunny and when we were ready to leave our mooring I pushed the bow off for Kev and I walked with Jaz with Kev following on the boat today. I walked  for a while and then got back on board with Jaz at bridge 58.

Approaching Husbands Bosworth Tunnel
And leaving the tunnel, with a boat behind us.
Another new marina!
After we had passed North Kilworth Wharf we didn't go far before we passed a new marina still under construction.
Just past the Welford junction.
We didn't travel much further until we found a nice spot to moor, so we got the chairs out and let Jaz out to enjoy a bit of freedom. She loves to lay outside and able to just wander about as there are very few passing people & dogs to bother us, unlike at Market Harborough & Foxton where it was very busy, but then it was a bank holiday!
 The view from our mooring
Only one boat has moored but further along from us.

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