Thursday, 17 May 2018

Happy Birthday Jaz

Thursday 17th May
Today Jaz is 3 years old! It doesn't seem 3 years since we got her when Ben & Michelle who bred her delivered her to us when we were on the River Avon.
She has grown up lovely.
Yesterday morning it was cold and breezy as we set off, what a difference to the previous day when we were in t-shirts but now we were in sweatshirts and I had my coat on too! After Kev had got through Sutton stop lock I walked with Jaz over to the services while Kev turned onto the Coventry canal and reversed back to the water point where I met him. While he filled with water etc I took Jaz across the fields for walk.
 At the water point.
A nicely decorated bridge.
When we set off from the water point the wind had picked up and it was bloody cold, unbelievable after all the lovely sun we have had.
 This house is still for sale.
A big difference to when it was the pub!
Nothing coming as we approach the junction.

Turning onto theAshby canal.
All clear ahead.
It was still very windy as we were cruising on the Ashby, we passed a few boats heading in the opposite direction, we had a bit of a mishap at one point as there was a hire boat heading towards us and as we got closer to it their bow started to veer towards us and so I went into reverse quickly but we still hit the other boat! The man on the tiller said he was aground and there was nothing he could do, I must admit from what we could see he did have his tiller the correct way but his stern was stuck. If I hadn't gone astern then it would have been worse. 
Only took the paint off.
Kev rubbed it down after we moored and put primer on it, this morning he has painted it and it is fine.
Who said there was no Nessie!
Coal Boat Aurora.
As we got moored we saw the coal boat Aurora coming round the bend towards us so Kevasked him if the had diesel and so he pulled alongside and filled R&R up.
Lovely quiet mooring, bridge 13 behind us.

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