Monday, 7 May 2018

Glorious weather for the bank holiday

Monday 7th May
On Saturday the washing was all dried in the lovely sunshine, we had a walk into Wigston Harcourt which was a twenty five minute walk to the B&Q as Kev wanted a couple of things from there so I went into the Aldi next door to it. We spent the rest of the day sat on the towpath in the sunshine and in the evening we had a walk across to the Navigation pub for a couple of beers, plenty of people sat outside the pub taking in the lovely weather at last!
Yesterday morning we moved the boat across the canal to the services and filled up with water, emptied the rubbish and the cassette too.  A boat that had been moored behind us set off just as we were finishing filling the water and we thought that they would have waited for us at the first lock of the day as we weren't far behind them, but they didn't! Kev had walked with Jaz to the lock ahead of me to set the lock. He had spoken to the couple on the boat that was ahead of us and they did wait for us at the next lock.We shared the next few locks with them and then we caught up to a boat that was on their own so we told the couple we had been sharing the locks with to go ahead with them, and we would carry on by ourselves.
Taylors Turnover lock
Nice place to have a function.
Looking back at the wigwams from Kibworth 2nd Lock.
Approaching Saddington tunnel.
We were going to moor at Fleckney but there was a boat already moored there and there wasn't enough room for us to get onto the moorings so we carried on to Foxton where we moored. We went for a meal in the Foxton Locks Inn, we had the carvery but it wasn't that good, so don't think we would go back there again.
This morning while Kev left the mooring I walked with Jaz and set off toward Market Harborough as we have never been there before, it was lovely very peaceful and once again the sun was out and was lovely and warm, when we got to Foxton swing bridge Kev had to pull over and tie up as we needed the CRT key to work the swing bridge so we put Jaz on board and Kev worked the controls of the bridge while I took the boat through.
Only 2 ducklings for this mum.
Quiet cruising to Market Harborough.
Entering the basin at Market Harborough.
When we got to the basin we didn't fancy mooring in there so we turned and moored just outside the basin and I put another wash on and hung it all out before we went for a walk into the town, it was very warm and far too much for Jaz, we did stop however for a quick beer in the Three Swans Hotel and sat outside in the sun and Jaz managed to lay in the shade under the table, we did find a bowl of water for her before we headed back to the boat. When we returned to the boat all my washing was lovely and dry so after I had moved it from the stern of the boat we got our sun chairs out and sat in the sun while Jaz stayed down inside the boat! A lovely relaxing afternoon, plenty of people once again making the most of the super weather.

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