Wednesday, 2 May 2018

First cruise for 2018

Wednesday 2nd May
Well after what has seemed a long wet winter, we finally have got under way. We had to wait to start our first cruise as Kev had to take the boat to dry dock in Nottingham for blacking. I stayed at home with Jaz but Kev had help with the blacking, his brother Ade & his uncle Alan went with him.
We set off from home on Monday lunchtime and arrived at our marina mid afternoon, Nigel, Kev's friend was already there on his boat.  Nigel is preparing his boat for sale as he is having another boat built. We spent the rest of the day unpacking etc and we went into Long Eaton for some groceries then spent the night in our marina.
Yesterday morning once Jaz had been walked & we had finished breakfast etc Nigel came over and we had a quick cuppa before setting off. Nigel kindly walked up to Derwent Mouth Lock to set it for us, this was our first lock of the day.
Leaving the marina 
Waiting for Nigel to open the lock gate
Down we go.
We were soon out of the lock and said our farewell to Nigel, what a lovely sunny morning a good start to our cruise!

Passed the pipe bridge on the river Trent
Towards the M1 bridge
When we got to the flood lock at Sawley it was closed so Kev had to go and open it. this flood lock had been closed when Kev had gone through it when he went to Nottingham, mind you with all the rain there has been I am not surprised. When we got to Sawley Locks the lights were on green and there were 2 volunteer lockies on so we were soon down and out on our way again.
Passing the entrance to the Erewash canal.
After passing the entrance to the Erewash canal we turned right onto the river Soar.
Redhill floodlock open
A quiet cruise so far and when we got to Radcliffe lock there was a boat already in the lock going up, Kev helped them though and then set the lock for me. when we got to the next lock, Kegworth shallow lock we caught up with the boat and shared the lock with them and also the next lock Kegworth deep lock. We let them exit the lock first as we wanted to stop for a bite to eat and let Jaz stretch her legs, so we moored up. After we had had something to eat I decided to give Jaz a good walk so let Kev let go and he followed us on the boat, it was a good couple of miles to Zouch lock were Jaz and myself were ready for a drink, the lock was empty so I was able to open the gate for Kev to enter and once the boat was up in the lock Jaz & I were able to get back on board.
When I had been shopping in Long eaton I had forgotten one of the most important items, "dog food" so when we got to Loughborough we went into the basin there. There was a boat leaving and the boat we had shared the locks with earlier was moored there. I left Kev there and popped to the Tesco which was only a 5 minute walk so it wasn't long before I was back on board and we were able to head off to turn onto the Grand Union Canal towards Leicester.
Looking back at Loughborough basin.
Onto The Grand Union canal
First swan making her nest.
We carried on until we got to the moorings just before Pillings  flood lock and moored for the day.

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