Monday, 21 May 2018

Sun, Sun, Sun.

Tuesday 22nd May
We have had a lovely few days on the Ashby canal, the weather has been absolutely fabulous. Last Thursday after Kev had managed to get the boat painted where the damage was on the bow, we had a late cooked breakfast and while Kev washed up I took Jaz for a walk across the field alongside of our mooring.  It was a lovely day again and we had a quiet cruise in the sunshine withe no mishaps!

Trinity Marina
Triumph motorbikes factory.
When we were through bridge 27 we looked for a mooring and we managed to get moored but not ideally as it was close to the road and although it isn't a busy road there is a lay-by next to the mooring and lots of people park here to feed the ducks and have a walk.
Not ideal, with having Jaz.
There were a couple of boats moored further back on good moorings next to the field where you can walk across into Stoke Golding, thats where we wanted to be and so we sat and waited for a while to see if either of them would leave and then both of them looked like they were getting ready to go so Kev walked over to them to ask them if they were leaving to hang on as there were another two boats coming and we didn't want to lose a good spot. They kindly waited while the two boats had passed and so Kev reversed back onto one of their moorings. We spent the next couple of days there and managed to have our first couple of BBQ's there!
Its a man thing!
Misty morning, followed by sunshine again.
Looking towards the road.
We had a walk with Jaz up the road to Dadlington to the Dog & Hedgehog and sat outside in the glorious sunshine, this pub is very popular and apparently the food is very good, it has good views too.
On Saturday after doing some washing, I sat and watched the wedding and then we had another walk over to the Dog & Hedgehog with Jaz, it seemed to be getting warmer each day. On Saturday evening we had a walk into Stoke Golding and went in all 3 pubs, plenty of people out and about too and as we were walking you could smell plenty go bbq's going on as everybody was making good use of this super weather!
On Sunday morning we left our mooring and headed off, there was a boat moored at the roadside mooring and the lady on the boat recognised our boat and said she read Carol's blog and sometimes read mine too. I forgot to take a photo of Nb Sonia Louise!
Anyway we cruised on until we got to the services at Sutton Cheney and filled with water etc, it is a very popular spot here and the car park and the cafe there was very busy.
Heading towards the services through bridge 34.
After we had a full tank of water, emptied 2 cassettes and got rid of a large amount of rubbish we were on our way, as we passed a barge that was tied to a couple of trees, well we thought it was tied up! The bow of the barge started to move across the canal as the rope on the bow had come undone!

Oh dear, it ended up completely across the canal! OOPS!!
Market Bosworth Marina.
We moored just passed Market Bosworth marina to have a bite to eat and let Jaz stretch her legs, there are aome moorings just passed the entrance to the marina with rings to tie onto, there is also a sign saying £5 a night to moor there! So we moored just passed these moorings.
A moorhen in her cosy nest.
Bit shaded but lovely.
This heron was in front of us for a while.
Snarestone tunnel.
The basin, were we turned.
In the above photo you can see the now opened stretch of canal that was previously closed, we didn't go any further onto the new section as we wouldn't be able to turn around as the winding hole further along is only  50 ft wide so we were told and as we are 62 feet long I think we would have been pushing it! We were going to moor in the basin but decided to head back through Snarestone tunnel and moor, as there are good moorings and open fields. Once we had got moored we had a walk to the Globe pub for a cold beer.
Lovely Morgan car.
We left Snarestone yesterday mooring and started heading back along the Ashby canal.
These geese have their hands full.

Managed to spot Nb Sonia Louise, nobody on board.
When we arrived back to the moorings at Stoke Golding there are plenty of moorings so we moored almost in the same spot as we had left on Sunday.


  1. Glad you are enjoying the Ashby, we were at the Dog and Hedgehog for lunch as you came passed, the food is indeed very good. Caroline

  2. Glad you had a good meal, we will have to give it a try next time we on the Ashby.