Friday, 25 May 2018

Moving on towards Shardlow

Friday 25th May
On Tuesday morning we left Stoke Golding as we were up and about early, breakfast over with we left just after 6.45am. It was a cooler morning but bright. We had an uneventful cruise but a nice one and when we were approaching the end of the Ashby canal I went to the bow to let Kev know if it was clear to turn right onto the Coventry canal. there was a boat coming through bridge 15 so we waited a few minutes while he passed and then when it was clear we headed onto the coventry canal.
Approaching Marston Junction
Boat now passed.

Always makes me smile.
When we got to the top lock at the Atherstone flight there was a boat just about to leave the lock so we were able to head straight in. There were 2 lockies on this lock who were happy to work the lock for us so I stayed on board while Kev went down to the second lock to set it for me but there was a boat coming up that one too so I waited while it exited the lock and then passed it in the pound, there was another lockie on there too and yet another boat coming up too so it was quite good. After the first 3 locks we were behind a boat going down the locks and no more lockies to help so we had to fill them each time. When we came down lock 9 we moored for the day and I sat in the sunshine while Kev did an oil change! Not a bad deal!!
Moored below lock 9
On Wednesday morning I put a wash on before we left  to go down the last 2 locks. Another cloudy start to the day and pretty cool to what we had been used to recently.
Kev waiting for lock to empty.

 Lock 11 
Approaching Fazely junction

Lots of new building at the junction.
We moored at Sutton Road bridge as Kev wanted to go to Asda at Ventura park for a collapsable bucket while I stayed with Jaz on board. When Kev returned we headed off once more, the sun was out and was getting warmer again so by the time we got to Orchard marina we moored just after bridge 85.
Yesterday we left just after 8am and headed to Fradley and as we got through the swing bridge I got off and went to the junction lock where the lockie said they were letting water down as there wasn't much  further down. When Kev turned right to the lock he didn't have long to wait. By the time we were down Bagnall lock at Alrewas we were surprised to find the moorings were empty until we were through bridge 46 where it was full, not that we wanted to moor and so we went down Alrewas lock onto the river section and moored before  we got to Wychnor lock for a bite to eat and let Jaz stretch her legs. We then headed to the lock where a boat was coming up and when we got to Shobnall fields we managed to moor for the day, Kev washed the boat while I went for a walk onto the playing fields with Jaz.
Well this morning (Friday) was dreadful weatherwise! We put on our wet gear and headed for Dallow lock in the rain,  we stopped briefly at Horninglow basin to empty a cassette and set off again, we didn't see any other idiots  boats on the move until we were getting close to Willington, and when we got through bridge 23 and passed the services we found a mooring and so we will stay here for the rest of the day and we will go for a game of pool and a couple of beers later this afternoon then Kev will go for a Chinese takeaway for us. Tommorow, back to our Marina, then home for a few weeks.

We had some visitors .

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